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  • Kevin Peel

    Kevin Peel

    I’m a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, EMDR Consultant, and Resource Therapy Practitioner and Trainer. My main interest in therapy is helping people overcome the inner obstacles that cause them emotional pain […]

  • Amy English

    Amy English

    Hi, I’m Amy; I welcome you to Seva House – a place of healing and serving from the heart. I started my journey of working in human services back in […]

  • David Galloway

    David Galloway

    David Galloway’s 20 year career stands as a testament to the profound impact of holistic wellness and mental empowerment. Curiously David’s journey began with a foundation in chemical engineering and […]

  • Ben Crebert

    Ben Crebert

    Ben is an Australian Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of skills,  experience and knowledge acquired over 20 years of practice. His therapeutic work has been in a variety of settings, […]

  • Dr. phil. Ralf Friedrich,BCC, CPCC, ACRT, RTT

    Dr. phil. Ralf Friedrich,BCC, CPCC, ACRT, RTT

    Ralf is an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and RTI Registered Resource Therapy Trainer. He holds a PhD and works in his own practice in Hamburg as well as offering online consultations. […]

  • Christiane Essing

    Christiane Essing

    Director of Resource Therapy Training Resources – RTI Founding member of Resource Therapy Zentrum – GermanyEurope’s first Senior Level RT TrainerPsychotherapist and Advanced Clinical Resource TherapistResource Therapy Trainer, and Supervisor […]

  • Marjolein Martinaud

    Marjolein Martinaud

    Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist, RT Trainer Contact Marjolein Website: email: About Marjolein Martinaud Marjolein Martinaud started her transformational journey in 2011 as a coach for relationship issues. She […]

  • Jonathan McCormack

    Jonathan McCormack

    Clinical Resource Therapist, RT Trainer Contact Jonathan Email: Website: Attachment Healing About Jonathan McCormack I am based in Mahopac, New York, USA and sessions are held over Zoom. I […]

  • Alguskha Nalendra

    Alguskha Nalendra

    Executive Director of Resource Therapy for Indonesia and Malaysia Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist Resource Therapy Trainer Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach ​Alguskha Nalendra a.k.a ‘Alkha’ is a Professional Coach & […]

  • Eugen Popa

    Eugen Popa

    Psychotherapist, Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist, RT Trainer – Bucharest, ROMANIA Contact Eugen E: T: +40741044701 About Eugen Popa Eugen has taught thousands of students in class and reached hundreds […]