The Foundation Training in Resource Therapy is your Resource Therapy (RT) learning introduction to RT. It is the equivalent of a two-day workshop in person or online (12 hours of training)

What’s covered:

  • Give attendees a comprehensive introduction and overview of Resource Personality Theory & Therapy
  • RT may be used as a stand-alone training recommended for all practitioners and therapists. To become a ‘qualified Clinical Resource Therapist’ there is a further eight-day clinical requirement,
  • It provides you with sufficient knowledge to integrate it into your existing therapeutic practice as an additional useful therapeutic ‘tool’
  • Provides CPD hours for registered psychologists and a number of other associations (please check with your local regulations as in some locations)  
  • Provides the prerequisite (first 2 days of training) for the Clinical Resource Therapist Qualification 10 days, typically offered as an 8-day training for those who have completed this 2-Day Foundation Training level.
  • Provides training in an interactive manner. Your trainers are skilled in ‘hear’ ‘see’ ‘do’ and ‘review’ manner with many opportunities for discussion and practice.
  • Typically each day of training is divided into four parts:
    1. Introduction and discussion, 
    2. Demonstration of the therapy,
    3. Group practice, and
    4. Review and de-brief. This will be up to your learning specialist.
  • Is suitable for laypeople wishing to learn about Resource Therapy for personal interest and growth. In this case, you would not participate in the ‘therapy practice’ sessions and will receive a certification of course attendance for personal development.​

Foundation Online Certificate Training

Foundation Online  Certificate Training may be an ideal option if you are unable to access a face to face training program. The following methods of Foundation Training Online is offered:

  • Combination hybrid online and face to face training. This is made of online training equal to one day of the Foundation training program, and a full day of face 2 face training with the RTI registered RT training provider.
  • Foundation Online Training. This training is provided by an RTI registered RT training provider and covers the equivalent of 2 full days of training
  • In-person Foundation Online Training delivered in a small group setting at a venue. See here for more details.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When registering for training in RT we recommend you make sure your training provider is currently RTI registered as a qualified RT Trainer. If you are unsure of your RT trainer’s credentials please contact us for verification. RTI takes no responsibility for training attended by non-RTI-accredited trainers.