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Hi, I’m Amy; I welcome you to Seva House – a place of healing and serving from the heart. I started my journey of working in human services back in 2011 when I graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Psychological Science. My interest in working with people quickly grew as my passion focuses largely on social justice and dignity for all people. I completed my Master in Social Work in 2016 through the University of New England whilst balancing the demands of working and being a mum.

My professional experience extends to early intervention, child protection and mental health with a particular focus on complex trauma. I have had opportunities throughout past years to work within education; working with adolescents experiencing complex mental health, women and children with refugee and migrant status suffering from homelessness, community-based counselling and therapeutic support through government organizations in the child protection arena.

A good clinical framework is important when searching for the right clinician and I am trained in Radical Exposure Tapping (Level 1 – De-activating The Buttons), Clinical Resource Therapy (Advanced Ego States/Parts Work), Somatic-based Approaches, drawing from the Polyvagal Theory and understanding the nervous system. I am also an Accredited EMDR Consultant and member of EMDRAA (EMDR Association of Australia) – a strong treatment modality when treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder according to the World Health Organisation. I have also attended extensive training in areas of violence, abuse and neglect and trauma-informed practice with a focus on domestic violence, child protection and problematic sexualised behaviours – working with those who have harmed and those who have been harmed.

Amy offers supervision and training in RT with her colleagues at SEVA (NSW).

Amy is not taking on clients at this time.

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