Dr. phil. Ralf Friedrich,BCC, CPCC, ACRT, RTT

Ralf Friedrich

Ralf is an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and RTI Registered Resource Therapy Trainer. He holds a PhD and works in his own practice in Hamburg as well as offering online consultations.

Ralf has over 30 years of experience as an accelerated learning practitioner and author of training material, speaker and workshop leader at congresses and conferences, and has an outstanding reputation for his clarity and didactic capacities.

Ralf is available for speaking appointments, Training and Clinical consultations in German, English and French.

Live Online Foundation Training in Resource Therapy

Live Online with Dr. Ralf Friedrich is an excellent way to learn Resource Therapy and receive your Certificate of Foundation Training in Resource Therapy. This course offers an introduction and overview of Professor Gordon Emmerson’s personality theory and therapy – Resource Therapy. This program should provide practitioners with enough knowledge and practice to understand the basic applications of diagnosis through to treatment in Resource Therapy basic interventions within a clinical environment. The Foundation Training is also counted as the first two days of the full Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy (a total of 10 days) for those wishing to continue on to practice Resource Therapy as a full clinical modality or to specialise in Resource Therapy.

To enrol for Live Online Foundation Training with Dr Ralf Friedrich please email Dr Friedrich directly at info@coaching-dieburg.de

Visit his training calendar on RTI at:


Also check Dr. Friedrich’s next training dates at https://learn-resourcetherapy.com/

Contact Dr. Friedrich for enrollment details info@coaching-direct.eu

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