Eugen Popa

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Psychotherapist, Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist, RT Trainer – Bucharest, ROMANIA

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T: +40741044701

About Eugen Popa

Eugen has taught thousands of students in class and reached hundreds of thousands of people through his courses as well as his TV Show in Romania and on Facebook. Eugen is passionate about Learning, Growing, and Sharing knowledge and experience and he is constantly on the path of deepening the knowledge he has as well as seeking new wisdom all the time.

Eugen is an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and RTI Registered Resource Therapy Trainer and holds the enviable title of being Europe’s first Resource Therapy Trainer. He is also the President of the Romanian Hypnosis Association, and a sought after speaker at various international congresses and conferences as well as training therapists and lay people on an international platform in both Romanian and English language.

Eugen Popa with Dr Gordon Emmerson – 6 Who can use Resouce Therapy