David Galloway

David Galloway

David Galloway’s 20 year career stands as a testament to the profound impact of holistic wellness and mental empowerment. Curiously David’s journey began with a foundation in chemical engineering and chemistry. Yet it is his innate fascination with the human potential which guided him towards a path less trodden, yet incredibly fulfilling for him and his clients. 

His expertise offers rare blend of scientific acumen and humanistic insight. He is a sought-after Advanced Resource Therapy Trainer at Resource Therapy International.

David’s exploration into the realm of holistic wellness saw him mastering Wing Chun Kung Fu, a discipline that honed his understanding of the mind-body connection. His thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there; David delved deeper, earning certifications in acupuncture, natural and orthomolecular nutrition, neo Ericksonian and integrative hypnosis, resource therapy, meditative conditioning, and human performance enhancement. His journey evolved organically from a physical fitness instructor to a nutritionist, eventually focusing on the mental aspects of well-being over the past five years.

With a clientele that consistently awards him a 5-star rating, David’s approach to therapy is transformative. His philosophy, “The mind opens with a smile,” encapsulates his approach towards creating a nurturing, positive environment for change. Clients have shared David’s sessions are not just therapeutic encounters but a voyage towards self-discovery and empowerment.

As an Advanced Resource Therapy Trainer, David is driven by the ethos that continuous learning fuels continuous improvement. A principle he lives by every day. This ideology not only propels his professional development but also enriches his training programs, making them a beacon of knowledge and skill enhancement for aspiring therapists.

David’s affiliation with the Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) underscores his commitment to promoting a balanced approach to mental and physical health. His ability to fuse scientific principles with intuitive insight sets him apart. 

Testimonials from clients and peers often highlight David’s caring, enthusiastic, engaging, and effective approach to therapy and training. His ability to empathize, educate, and empower forms the cornerstone of his successful practice.

David is driven by a simple yet profound motto: “Those with the ability have the responsibility to make things even just a little bit better for someone.” This ethos resonates through his every interaction, making David Galloway not just a therapist or a trainer, but a catalyst for positive change and a harbinger of hope in a world in dire need of holistic healing.

His website, IntoThrive.com, further delves into his methodology and the array of services he offers, painting a vivid picture of his dedication to ushering in a wave of mental and emotional well-being. Through his work, David Galloway continues to be a guiding light in the journey towards self-actualization and mental emancipation, one smile at a time.

Certified Advanced Resource Therapist & Trainer
Orthomolecular Nutritionist-R.O.H.P.
Meditative Transformationist

Contact David
via email
Telephone: 1.905.447.0322
Web: IntoThrive.com

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