Wishing to be a better therapist is the only reason you need to become a Clinically Qualified Resource Therapist

When Gordon Emmerson set about to make his Personality Theory and Therapy accessible to therapists as a complete modality, easily learned and applied, both within a broad-base of therapies, and as a complete standalone therapy, he put his 40 plus years of research and experience, as a teacher, university lecturer, professor, and clinical psychologist, into a program of therapy that had the potential to positvely influence the direction of mainstream mental health treatment regiments for many years to come.

Dr. Emmerson placed his years of knowledge into what is arguably the easiest to understand (and learn) pychodynamic modality to embrace DSM-5 categories with ease, showing the ability to treat presenting pathologies sensibly by attending directly to the personality part, also known as the Resource State, in need of resolution, through a precise list of treatment actions.

Resource Therapy was not developed to be a brand name, trademark, or franchise. The training and delivery of RT is not designed to attract royalties for the founder or its trainers. 

Interest in Resource Therapy, and the growth potential in private practices, as well as institutions such as hospitals and schools, together with the professional career growth it offers therapists and students of mental and physical health therapies is growing exponentially… because RT works. 

There are few professional modalities available today that can take a therapist from a certificate level – Foundation Training – 2 days (understanding enough to incorporate into a current practice) to becoming a Clinical Resource Therapist – Clinical Qualification (a further 8 days), to becoming an Advanced Clinical Therapist & RT Trainer (a further 5 days)  for less $5,000 or $50 per contact hour, a total of less than 100 contact hours. 

With over 40 trainers now qualified to train therapists in Resource Therapy throughout the world, and at least one train the trainer program available each year, many therapists choose to train as trainers so that they can gain the highest formal learning achievement for themselves.  A growing number of qualified RT trainers are also taking steps to bring Resource Therapy to other therapists and by doing so, becoming RT’s first wave of active Supervisors in RT as they gain experience, expertise, and greater connections with their own graduates.

Gordon Emmerson is committed to excellent therapy. That is his priority and mantra, and it is the reason he has made his training affordable, and continues to make it as accessible as possible throughout the world.

As well as freely offering ongoing support and resources to the growing number of students, graduates and trainers through the umbrella association Resource Therapy International, he has enabled the growth, understanding, and reach of Resource Therapy to grow without strings or bells or whistles.

Today, there are a number of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotherapists, nurses, teachers, counsellors, life coaches, athletic coaches, social workers and students of the above who have qualified as clinical practitioners of RT, with many becoming trainers themselves in order to further the reach of RT into their respective fields of interest and influence, as well as to further their own expertise and professional career potentials.

There are no licencing fees. No requirement to join  special affiliate programs, nor association fees around the umbrella association RTI. No payments of royalties to a parent body for seeing or training others. All RT students and graduates freely receive genuine ongoing support and resources from RTI and the growing number of therapists and trainers working together as a global community of support for the growth and reach of their personal and combined contributions to mental health.

If you would like more information about how to become an RT therapist or trainer, contact us via the website or by emailing the Secretary of RTI :