Ben Crebert

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Ben is an Australian Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of skills,  experience and knowledge acquired over 20 years of practice. His therapeutic work has been in a variety of settings, including public mental health, education and private mental health settings. 

Aside from therapeutic roles, his skills and experience include writing, presenting workshops, teaching, group work, supervising, speaking and providing consultations to educators, school leaders, parents and other mental health professionals. 

Ben has a personal mission to inspire individuals to transform and transcend the challenges in their lives in order to follow a deeper more authentic vision of themselves. His dream is to inspire others to live a more abundant life of greater meaning, connection and purpose in ever expanding circles. 

Ben is a dynamic psychotherapist and trainer, with a fondness for the compassion,  precision and efficiency of RT. Ben began his RT journey in 2022 and has been integrating the power of RT in therapy with adults, teens and children ever since.  

Ben offers supervision and training in RT with his colleagues at SEVA (NSW).

Ben can be reached for personal RT therapy via: or 

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