Alguskha Nalendra

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Executive Director of Resource Therapy for Indonesia and Malaysia
Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist
Resource Therapy Trainer
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Alguskha Nalendra a.k.a ‘Alkha’ is a Professional Coach & Psychotherapist in Indonesia with an extensive history of clinical experience treating various emotional & behavioural issues with RT. He successfully applies RT in his coaching services, which helps his clients to significantly improve their personal life and professional performance, allowing them to enjoy a balanced and happy life.

Alkha is also the author of “The First-Most Complete Book of RT in Indonesia”

As a hypnotherapist, Alkha is the first hypnotherapist in Indonesia to publish the most complete book about hypnotherapy and hypnotherapeutic assessments through his previous books: ‘The Big Book of Professional Hypnotherapist’ and ‘Hypnotherapeutic Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Plan’.

Realizing how RT has affected his approach so much with deeper layers of treatment for his clients, Alkha shared his broad understanding about RT in the first-most complete book of RT in Indonesia: ‘Performance in the 5th Dimension’ (a title inspired by suggestion of Dr Emmerson).

Performance in the 5th Dimension is the first book ever in Indonesia to cover the whole concept of RT for performance treatment, based on the official curriculum of Professor Emmerson and Resource Therapy International.

Alguskha Nalendra is available for appointments & training of RT in English and Indonesian

RT Training in Indonesia & Asia

Alkha provides the following RT training programs…

  • Foundation Level Certification, and the
  • Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy

Training is provided in both Indonesian and/or English.

Alkha has had extensive experience with RT in Indonesian and English with his clients. Alkha found a way to bridge the gap of cultural and language barriers in practicing RT Actions from English to Indonesian, which eventually allowed him to spread the benefit of RT effectively in various psychotherapy communities throughout Indonesia.

For further information about Alguskha Nalendra’s services and his schedule of RT training please visit his website

RT Accreditation & Supervision Indonesia

Being Appointed Resource Therapy International’s Executive Director for Indonesia and Malaysia under the official brand of Resource Therapy Indonesia and Resource Therapy Malaysia (officially affiliated with Resource Therapy International), Alkha is in charge of supervising, accrediting and consulting RT Trainers and Therapists in Indonesia and Malaysia, ensuring that trainers and graduated therapists are aligned with the syllabus requirements as taught by Professor Gordon Emmerson PhD., as well as within Indonesia’s and Malayasia’s local and National regulatory guidelines.

Contact Details for Alguskha Nalendra
Phone: +62878-2760-2121 (Customer Service)