Professor Gordon Emmerson founded Resource Therapy International for the purpose of providing Resource Therapy a professional governing body. This association was registered in Australia by Gordon Emmerson and Philipa Thornton.

Resource Therapy International is Resource Therapy’s peak professional Association led by a dedicated team of committed mental health professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to support the Resource Therapy community in their training, supervision, and research endeavors.

Executive positions were introduced by Professor Gordon Emmerson in Resource Therapy International to oversee accreditation, development, and support worldwide.

We are very grateful to these wonderful professionals and all past committee members for their tireless and valuable contributions to furthering the reach and support for RT’s growing community and members of the public seeking to learn more about this powerful parts modality.

The Board of RTI Committee members can be contacted via the links below, or click on the images to learn more about each member.

Gordon Emmerson photo

Professor Gordon Emmerson

Consultant Resource Therapy International & former President

Gordon Emmerson is the sole originator of Resource Personality Theory and Therapy (RT).

Contact Professor Emmerson

Philipa Thornton


President Resource Therapy International

Chief Executive Director of Resource Therapy International. Board of Resource Therapy Institute Australia

​​Contact Philipa Thornton

Dr. med. Karlheinze Erbe

Dr. med. Karlheinze Erbe


Vice-President Resource Therapy International

Chief Executive Director of Resource Therapy for Europe and ​sits on the Board of Resource Therapy Zentrum Germany

​​Contact Dr. Erbe

Wendy Brewer photo
Wendy Brewer

Wendy Brewer


Secretary Resource Therapy International

​​Contact Wendy Brewer

Dr. Anita Fourie photo

Dr. Anita Fourie

Australia & South Africa based at the University of Western Australia

Research Advisor – Resource Therapy International

Contact Dr Fourie for advice and assistance regarding all aspects of RT research.

​​Contact Dr Fourie

Christiane Essing photo

Christiane Essing


Director of Resource Therapy Training Resources – RTI

​​Contact Christiane Essing

Shane Marsh photo

Shane Marsh


Director of Digital Archives – RTI and
​Executive Director of Resource Therapy for Victoria, Australia

​​Contact Shane Marsh

Dr. Karlheinz Erbe, the Chief Executive Director of Resource Therapy for Europe, and Philipa Thornton, the Chief Executive Director of Resource Therapy for all other regions. 

Resource Therapy’s Executive Directors are made up of a number of experienced and highly regarded mental health therapists who have accepted invitations to their positions and agreed to a minimum of 5 years of voluntary incumbency ​to better serve and positively influence their respective regions.

  • Advance and promote the development and training of Resource Therapy and establish organizational structures for that purpose
  • Make Resource Therapy appointments within their regions to positions of authority
  • Provide guidance regarding the educational requirements for the study of Resource Therapy
  • Help ensure the Resource Therapy guidelines in the Trainer’s Manual are maintained
  • Co-ordinate with Resource Therapy International

Resource Therapy’s Executive Directors

Philipa Thornton
Chief Executive Director Resource Therapy International Official

Dr. med. Karlheinz Erbe
Executive Director

Resource Therapy’s Senior Executive Directors

Alguskha Nalendra photoAlguskha Nalendra
Senior Executive Director
​Indonesia & Malaysia

Riem Farahat photoRiem Farahat
On leaveSenior Executive Director
The Gulf Region

Donna Meyers photoDonna Meyers
Senior Executive Director

Cindy Jackson
Senior Executive Director
North America

Is this you?
Senior Executive Director
New Zealand

Resource Therapy’s Executive Directors – Australian States and Territories

Dr. Anita Fourie photoDr. Anita Fourie
Executive Director
Western Australia

Dr. Alistair Campbell photoDr. Alistair Campbell
Executive Director

​Shane Marsh photo​Shane Marsh
Executive Director

Chris Paulin photoChris Paulin
Executive Director
New South Wales

Alice de Tourettes photoAlice de Tourettes
Executive Director
Australian Capital

Donna Meyers photoDonna Meyers
Executive Director Australia Executive Director
South Australia

​​​Kevin Peel photo​​​Kevin Peel
Executive Director

Resource Therapy Internation Provides:

The official International database of certified Clinical Resource Therapists and accredited Resource Therapy Trainers.

Resource Therapists are fully accredited by Resource Therapy International Inc. when their details are submitted to the RT International database by their trainers.

  • Training Calendar
  • Inclusion in an International Database of registered RT graduates & trainees
  • Find a Therapist page.
  • The latest up-to-day official information on Resource Therapy.
  • Access to Professor Gordon Emmerson Ph.D.
  • Public access to the official Directory of Clinically Qualified Resource Therapists, RT Supervisors, and Qualified Resource Therapy Trainers
  • Support and Resources for all registered graduates & trainees with regards to external memberships and associations – ESTI, AESTA, AHPRA, AAPI, AAS, APS & AHA, ACA, PACFA, and other international bodies.
  • International relations and development of community support and networking for all students, graduates and trainers
  • Public education and support for people seeking personal mental health assistance through Resource Therapy
  • Training and development, as well as resources and support for Academic Research and Publication guidance.
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities through a growing body of RT Supervisors, and Post Clinical training access
  • A growing library of educational and informational material and tools for students and graduates
  • Accreditation and Certification endorsements for all approved registered RT training programs
  • Peace of mind for RT clients and prospective students who wish to check the training and skill level credentials of anyone claiming to be a Resource Therapist or trainer
  • Published listing for all Clinical Resource Therapists on RTI’s official website’s Find a Therapist page.

​Some tips to remember if you are registering to train in Resource Therapy:

  • Ask your trainer if they are registered with RTI 
  • Ask your trainer if they will register you with RTI as a student/graduate of their training
  • Do not book flights, accommodation, travel itineraries or make attendance plans until you receive a confirmation from your trainer that the program you have registered for is going ahead. RTI does not take responsibility or liability for any loss or hardship experienced as a result of late cancellations of training programs. Insurance and liability is something you should discuss with your training provider if you are unsure.
  • If you are a graduate of Clinical Resource Therapy, contact RTI upon completion if you wish to be included in the official website’s Therapist Directory please ask your trainer to upload your details to the RTI webste.
  • If you are a graduate of Clinical Resource Therapy and you have an active webpage or website dedicated to Resource Therapy, you can pay a fee to include your personal contact page on the official RTI website. Your page can include links to your website/page/blog, professional YouTube videos showcasing your RT, Pictures of yourself, your clinic, etc, and a short bio, including your profession, i.e. medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, clinical hypnotherapist, etc.
  • Once you have qualified as a Clinical Resource Therapist with an approved registered RT Trainer, you may wish to go on to do further study with Professor Gordon Emmerson, Philipa Thornton, Tracy Lynch, and Chris Paulin to become an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and Trainer.
  • This training currently entails a further 5 days of study. As a trainer, you will Resources and support to help you develop and implement training programs. A step-by-step Trainer’s Manual, listing on the official RTI website as a Trainer, a personal page on the RTI website linking your own website, and including extensive bio, youtube, and picture graphic presence, access to advertising and listing of your training programs on the RTI website. Please note, it is not necessary to run a training program if you are a registered qualified RTI trainer. Trainers are under no pressure to train others.
  • Course Fees are set at a minimum per-day rate of $300 and reviewed regularly. Trainers, please consult your training information or RTI.
  • We encourage scholarships and various discounts eg student discounts. If you are unsure about the fees you are being charged please contact RTI for guidance.
  • As a Clinical Resource Therapist, you will be invited to join the Official International Community of Therapists’ Official RTI Facebook group where ongoing networking and keeping up to date with information, support, and resources is made easy. We encourage community and connection.
  • Only full completion of the Clinical 10-day training entitles you to use the title Clinical Resource Therapist. The minimum number of hours needed to become a Clinical Resource Therapist is 60 hours of study.
  • The Foundation Training provides therapists and students with an introduction to RT, and enough tools to begin incorporating RT into your current practice.
  • RT is a stand-alone therapy, once you have graduated from the full Clinical Qualification Training.