Anyone can ‘learn’ Resource Therapy

Anyone can ‘learn’ Resource Therapy in the same way that anyone can purchase a book or watch a you-tube to learn CBT, Mindfulness Therapy & many other mainstream psychological therapies. 

​​Professionals, such as medical practitioners & mental health therapists, who learn and qualify in RT through an accredited RTI registered RT Trainer can become a registered Clinical Resource Therapist. RT is a highly successful & effective intervention and treatment tool for clients and patients to reach positive changes in DSM-5 category pathology, as well as a wide variety of other presenting concerns and needs.

It is important to note that Resource Therapy is not a trademarked commodity. It is a theory of personality and therapy, so information about it can be freely shared. A number of Resource Therapy books are available through Amazon, in paperback and kindle, and from other online sellers and bookshops. Learning RT begins with the Foundation Training Certificate: A 2-Day workshop provided online or in class by an RTI accredited RT Trainer.

Following the Foundation Training Certificate many professionals and students of mental health fields choose to continue on to complete their Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy (a further 8 days or a total of 10 days inclusive of the Foundation Training).

More RT therapists are needed world wide. In order to fulfill the growing demand for this therapy and for professionals wishing to learn RT, Clinical RT Therapists are invited to continue their training to complete the Advanced Clinical and Resource Therapy Trainer Qualification: 5 Days. 

Resource Therapy trainers are then able to become Supervisors for the therapists they train.

RTI assists in the support and resourcing of RT Trainers and Therapists.

RT is not a franchise and licenses are not bought or sold. Rather the accreditation protocol is developed and maintained by the founder, Professor Gordon Emmerson and the RTI Committee. In this way we are able to ensure that RT remains available to those who are passionate about delivering and receiving excellent therapy without being attractive to those who simply want a business in a box. Dedication to being the best therapist you can be is our dedication to you also.

The international umbrella organisation, Resource Therapy International ( supports a structured method of training where, following a specified training regimen, trainers are registered to offer Foundation and Clinical Qualification Training in Resource Therapy.  Entry into one of these training courses is much like entry into a university therapy department where emphasis is given to those who show aptitude and who either are therapists or who show an interest in becoming a therapist in a helping profession. Individual trainers will determine who they will train, based on ethical and precursory criteria they have learned to be important, in part from their own study in Resource Therapy.

If you are interested in learning Resource Therapy, and if you are interested in being recognised by Resource Therapy International as a Qualified Resource Therapist, then you will need to seek training from a registered trainer.