Resource States may be Normal or Pathological. We want all our personality states to be normal.

​Resource Therapy helps states move to normality.

See the tables below for types of pathology Resource States can experience. 

See at the end of the tables below for definitions of Resource state conditions

Resource Therapy Classification Flowchart
Pathological Resource States
How Pathological Resource States Feel and how they are reported by other states

The Diagnosis is the Key to the session

In Resource Therapy there may be a number of diagnoses for different pathological states during the same session.  The diagnosis is for a state, not for the entire person. It is more rare for a client to have only a single pathological state than to have a few states that need change.

Pathologies Associated with each Classification Type

Definitions of Resource State Conditions

Resource States

Neuro-physical personality states created by the repetition of returning to the same coping behaviour numerous times. Most of these states are formed during childhood or early adolescence when varied coping behviours are needed.

The movement toward Mental Health the movement for Vaded States, Retro States, Conflicted States and Dissonant States to achieve a Normal Condition.

We want all our states to normal functioning. This means the state is operating well both with our other resource states internally and is operating well externally with other people. The state is not causing us trouble when in a normal condition. Most people have a work state that is normal functioning. Resource Therapy is a process of helping all states to become normal functioning.

Vaded States

These are states that have experienced trauma or something negative that has not been adequately processed. A Vaded State is the tender spot in our psyche. If we are reactive, it is the Vaded State that is coming out. A Vaded State can cause us to react emotionally to a life situation in a way we don’t want. Vaded States feel out of control when they are out and they are the cause of escape behaviours such as addictive symptoms. Vaded States need to gain resolution so we no longer have a need to escape from their negative and uncomfortable feelings, and so they no longer give us a feeling of being out of control.

Retro States

These are states that have learned a behaviour that we do not want. Retro States carry out Addictive Behaviour. Reacting in an unwanted angry manner usually is the result of a Retro State coming out. This state may have learned in childhood that anger is a means of protection or a way to get what is wanted. These states need to learn to come out only when their behaviour is appropriate, or to learn to alter their behaviour to a degree that it becomes appropriate.

Conflicted  States

Conflicted States are states that feel at war with each other internally. They may hate each other (I hate myself when I am like that) or they may be in severe conflict over actions. One state may want to work and another may want to rest. These states need to learn the value of each other and to be able to communicate and support each toward mutual benefit. 

It is appropriate for states to have different opinions to consider, for example, when buying a new car. One state may be aware of the budget and another state may be connected to fun and appreciation. It is not appropriate for the conflict between states to be a problem for the person. The person needs to reach a decision together with a feeling of internal peace.

Dissonant States

These are states that would otherwise be normal, but they come into the Conscious at the wrong time. They cause sporting slumps, poor exam results, and a feeling being in the wrong skin. The treatment for Dissonant State behaviour is to find more appropriate Resource States to bring to Conscious at preferred times.

Normal States

A Normal State will not be Vaded, Retro, or conflicted. It is possible for other states to share a combinations of conditions. For example, Retro States are almost always also conflicted with other states who do not appreciate their actions. the person gets angry then feels bad about it later. Resource Therapy can help states become Normal, freeing the person to have a higher level of inner peace.