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The abbreviations below denote the highest level of Resource Therapy training received.

The Foundation Certificate training is not the full qualification required to practice as a Resource Therapist. Only Clinical Resource Therapists can be listed.

EST = Ego State Therapist – These therapists are not yet recognized as Resource Therapists, but have previously trained in Ego State Therapy with Prof. Emmerson.

CRT = Clinically Qualified Resource Therapist – This is the minimum level of training necessary to practice as a Resource Therapist (Ten days)

ACRT = Advanced Clinically Qualified Resource Therapist – This is the next level of training i.e., post-clinical qualification.

RTT Resource Therapy Trainer – All RT Trainers are also Advanced RT Therapists – This is the highest training level.

RTS Resource Therapy Supervisor – All RT Supervisors are experienced RT Trainers and Advanced Clinical Therapists.

SRTT = Senior Level Resource Therapy Trainers – Advanced training experience leads to the highest level of advancement. Trainers at this level are able to train and supervise therapists to all levels of RT inclusive of the RT Trainer level and are the most Advanced Clinical RT Therapists.

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Quick Key of Abbreviations

ACRT – Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist 
CRT – Clinical Resource Therapist 
RTT – Resource Therapy Trainer 
RTS – Resource Therapy Supervisor
RTTT – Resource Therapy Trainer Trainer
CEST – Clinical (or Diploma: former) Emmerson: Ego State Therapist 
SRTT – Advanced Clinical RT & Senior Level Trainer

Resource Therapists come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, Nurses, Counsellors, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, NLP Practitioners, relationship therapists, and counselors.