The growing demand For Clinically Qualified RT Therapists in Australia and throughout the world means more RT Trainers are needed worldwide.

Resource Therapy Trainers are Clinical RT Therapists who have completed a 5-Day post clinical training with a Resource Therapy International recognized Senior Level RT Trainer, to become Advanced Clinical Therapists and RT Trainers.

How do I become an RT Trainer?

RT Trainers come from a variety of coaching, therapy, teaching, medical, or mental health backgrounds. If you are currently practicing as a Clinical Resource Therapist, or you have completed a Clinical Qualification in Ego State Therapy (previously called Diploma of EST with Professor Emmerson) and would like to upgrade your skills and knowledge in Resource Therapy, you may wish to attend the dual certificate program currently available as a 5-Day live-online or in-house f2f training: Advanced Clinical Certification & RT Trainer Qualification program.

Completing this course of study will certify you as an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and RT Trainer.

This is the team of Senior Level (SL) Board-approved trainers who will take you through the highest level of training at the next available Advanced Clinical and RT Trainer program. They are also the only SL trainers on the Board of the Resource Therapy International Association.

Prof. Gordon Emmerson – Originator Resource Personality Theory & Therapy – Consultant and Former President of RT International

RT Trainers are certified to deliver both the 12-hour Foundation Training, usually taught over 2 days in a classroom, or 12 hours online, as well as the full Clinical Qualification (Level 2 training), a 60-hour program normally delivered over 10 Days. The 10-Day Clinical Qualification incorporates the 2-Day Foundation Training (Level 1 training) as this makes up the first 12 hours of the full 60 professional development hours.

To become a Certified Resource Therapy Trainer (Level 3 training) you must satisfy the requirements set out by the Founder Professor Gordon Emmerson PhD. and ratified for accreditation by the RTI board as set out below. Additional conditions apply. Please contact us for more information regarding this level of training in RT.

The main requirements for becoming  a qualified and registered RT Trainer (Level 3) are

Completion of:

  1. The Foundation Training in Resource Therapy
  2. Completion of the Clinical Qualification Training in Resource Therapy (Or the Diploma of EST taught and accredited by Professor Gordon Emmerson – between 2009 & 2014. If you were taught by Gordon Emmerson prior to 2009 please contact us for more information)
  3. Completion of the Advanced Clinical Training in Resource Therapy
  4. Completion of the RT Trainer Training (this training is conducted alongside the Advanced Clinical training)

Additionally to this: The prospective Trainer must also demonstrate a level of clinical competency, presentation skills, and professionalism prior to conducting an actual RT Training program.

Many graduates of the RT Training Qualification choose this level of achievement for the purpose of achieving the highest level of training in RT for their professional and career development.

Those who choose to teach RT are welcome to do so when they feel competent in presenting to trainees and have applied Resource Therapy adeptly with clients. Many choose to continue with Supervision and Mentoring as an added opportunity to develop higher competency in the area of RT training.

RT Trainers are accredited and registered with Resource Therapy International. Trainers receive a Trainer’s Manual as part of their Trainer training as well as ongoing support and access to a growing number of resources made available through Resource Therapy International.

In addition to the above-pictured Senior Level (SL) trainers, the following Level 3 trainers have reached the level of Senior Level trainers and are registered to train all Clinically Qualified Resource Therapists for the dual Award of Advanced Clinical and RT Trainer Qualification.

Philipa Thornton photoPhilipa Thornton
Senior Level Trainer

President Resource Therapy International

CEO Resource Therapy Institute Australia

Christiane Essing – Training Resource Director (RT International) – Senior Level Trainer – Based in Germany

Chris Paulin photoChris Paulin
Co-founder of RT Institute Australia – Executive Director of RT for NSW – Senior Level RT Trainer – based in Sydney, Australia

Tracy Lynch photoTracy Lynch
Senior Level Trainer based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Yvette Allen photoYvette Allen
Senior Level Trainer based in Hornsby, NSW, Australia

RT Trainers teach independently in private practice or build their own RT therapy and training hub with organizations, such as

  • The Resource Therapy Institute (Australia) – Founders of The Resourceful Therapist – An amazing and excellent resourcefully blended focused Institute founded and run by husband and wife team, Mrs. Philipa Thornton and Chris Paulin, who also run Marriage Works a relationship-focused clinic being certified in Imago Relationship Therapy and EMDR Trained therapists.
  • The Anna Emmerson School of Resource Therapy – is an online-only RT training provider run solely, by Anna Emmerson and her training team. Anna strives to offer individually focused support, mentoring, therapy, and professional supervision, and focused RT Training.
  • There are a growing number of training organizations springing up throughout the world with a focus or interest in Resource Therapy.
  • You will find more in Zurich, Switzerland; Bamberg, Heidelberg, and Berlin, Germany; Bali, Indonesia, Italy, The Gulf Region, the Middle East, and Australia.
  • RT is rapidly growing and has caught the attention of universities, psychiatrists, GPs, psychologists, clinical hypnotherapists, and life coaches from around the world.
  • We need more Resource Therapy trainers because we need more Resource Therapists.
  • At the RTI we believe practicing and hopefully teaching this extraordinary parts therapy trauma-informed strength-based brief psychotherapy model may be the single best contribution to mental health and your career you will ever make.