Online Resource Therapy training is now available for the

  • Foundation Certificate
  • Clinical Qualification
  • ​Advanced Clinical & RT Trainer Qualification


Begin with Foundation training to receive an overview of Resource Theory and Therapy (this also stands as the first 12 hours of the full Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy)

Become a Clinically Qualified Resource Therapist – Start your training today
Begin with your Foundation training in Resource Therapy (12 hours)

Choose from: Live Online, Self-Paced, or In person.

After you complete your Foundation training: you may wish to complete a Clinical Qualification by attending a live online, or face-2-face training by attending a further 48 hours.

Or you can jump right in to complete the full 60-hour Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy.

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Live-Online Training Events (English and German language)

IN-HOUSE  F2F – Next Foundation Certificate Training (English language)

SELF-PACED at home/work – Next Foundation Certificate Self-Paced Training (English language)

On-Demand, Self-paced training Contact  Philipa ThorntonTracy Lynch, Anna Emmerson; or Heidi Di Santo to access a Self-Paced Foundation Certificate Training program – Enrolments are always open

Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy – ONLINE

Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy
In Person training – (must have Foundation Certificate)

Advanced Clinical and Resource Therapy Trainer Qualification
Open for enrolments!

When you complete your Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy you can deepen your knowledge and your skills in RT, as well as become a qualified Resource Therapy Trainer. This highest level of training in RT is perfect for passionate therapists who would like to see their practice and therapeutic influence grow exponentially.

If you would like to discuss any of the training options listed above, consider speaking with a course adviser

What is Resource Therapy?

Resource Therapy is a trauma-informed empowering psychotherapy based on the understanding that the personality is composed of parts.  The part that presents an issue in therapy is seldom the part that needs change. The presenting part is usually reporting, or complaining, about another part of themselves.  I.e., the part that gets anxious, or the part that cannot stop eating sugary food. The Resource Therapist is able to skillfully bring the part of the personality that needs change into the therapeutic process; to speak with it compassionately and respectfully so that it can be worked with directly.  Resource Therapy facilitates a quicker, deeper, and longer-lasting change.

Resource Therapists are able to quickly diagnose client issues into a category that clarifies to the therapist the exact actions to follow to help the client.

What is the Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy?

​The Clinical Qualification is a 60-hour qualification that enables therapists to use the full range of Resource Therapy actions. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Coaches, and Counsellors can use the skills learned in the training to address the full range of psychological presentations, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, addictions, and eating disorders.

Who teaches the online training?
All Resource Therapy training must be accredited through Resource Therapy International and delivered by RTI-registered and qualified trainers. 

If you are not an RT-trained therapist, or if you are a Therapist, Teacher, Parent, Grandparent, or Carer –  Consider joining us for other live-online workshops. Understanding RT theory can assist in all areas of life and work.

Resource Therapy is one of the world’s most effective and respected and respectful personality parts trauma-informed & strength-based therapies. Online delivery of both the Foundation Certificate and the Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy is now open for enrolment.

The Resource Therapy Clinical Qualification is suited to the following helping professions: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Social Workers, Nurses, General Medical Practitioners, Coaches, Physical and Somatic therapists, Teachers, and students who are currently studying or planning on studying mental health programs. If you are unsure of your suitability or require more information about the Online delivery programs please CONTACT US for more information today.

Hear what other psychologists and counsellors using RT say:

Just wanted to share that I had two excellent RT sessions today and despite it being early days I am really starting to see how powerful RT is with clients. It is so great to see the changes after doing the imagery check and the clients reporting back so much positive information. Starting to feel a bit more comfortable with the approach and just want to say thank you for having me apart of the training and for all the support. Cannot wait to continue to develop in this approach. 

~ Liam Spicer (Psychologist – TAS. Australia) during his Clinical Qualification online training 2020.

RT is far and away the best professional training experience I have had. The tools provided were second to none. RT protocol goes directly to the client’s concerns. It is a therapy based on genuine respect for the client’s personal experience and provides a well structured regiment of ‘Actions’ that have made my work easier, less demanding, and much more successful. Many thanks for this awesome model. The online programs should be an absolute hit!

~ Jessica Dale (Therapist)

Ongoing professional development credits are available for your professional associations (please check with your association to be sure)

Read below to see what you should expect to receive with your CRT online enrolment

We are committed to providing you with excellence. Our mission is to ensure you learn Resource Therapy in the best and easiest possible way. All attendees receive ongoing support, including access to session recordings, presenter slides, daily handouts, and full PDF copies of the following Resource Therapy textbooks written by Professor Gordon Emmerson.