Kevin Peel

I’m a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, EMDR Consultant, and Resource Therapy Practitioner and Trainer. My main interest in therapy is helping people overcome the inner obstacles that cause them emotional pain and suffering and maintain behavioural patterns that are damaging and self-defeating. I also like to train, coach and mentor other therapists in effective therapies.

When I first started to practice, I felt ill-prepared for the vast range of maladies of the human condition, especially as I was immersed in a setting that had so many suffering from the impact of trauma in childhood. Thus, I embarked on 10 year learning plan that got me where I am now, equipped with all the therapies my practice-based evidence tells me I need, and that satisfies the need for evidence-based practice. I am now well trained in EMDR and Resource Therapy, such that I can effectively treat adult survivors of childhood trauma, and supervise or coach others in trauma focused therapies that are effective alone, or in combination.


Psychotherapy, Assessment, Professional Training, Clinical Supervision, Online Video Consultations

I provide trauma-focused psychotherapy to clients and consult with other mental health clinicians on their practice of psychotherapy.

Kevin is a dynamic trainer, with a fondness for the compassion, precision, and efficiency of RT. Kevin began his RT journey in 2013 and has been integrating the power of RT in therapy with adults, teens, and children ever since.  

Kevin offers supervision and training in RT

Kevin can be reached for personal RT therapy via: Kevin Peel on Good Therapy 

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