Resource Therapy trainers are also Advanced Clinical Resource Therapists. Trainers who run RT training programs are also able to provide Supervision. If you are attending an RTI-accredited training program in Resource Therapy, be sure to ask your trainer to register your details with the Chief Executive Secretary of RTI. In this way, you can be sure that your accreditation is RTI approved, as well as have access to a range of support and resources from RTI and the wider RT community.

If you wish to become an Advanced Clinical and Resource Therapy trainer please contact us or one of the senior-level trainers below for further details regarding training opportunities.

Senior Level RT Trainers

Senior Level RT Trainers have reached a level of achievement enabling them to train at the most senior levels of RT, including post-clinical Masterclasses, Advanced Clinical Therapist training, and Resource Therapy Trainer training.

Resource Therapy Trainers

Resource Therapy Trainer (RTT) – All RT Trainers are also an Advanced Clinically Qualified Resource Therapist (ACRT).