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  • Kevin Peel

    Kevin Peel

    I’m a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, EMDR Consultant, and Resource Therapy Practitioner and Trainer. My main interest in therapy is helping people overcome the inner obstacles that cause them emotional pain […]

  • Amy English

    Amy English

    Hi, I’m Amy; I welcome you to Seva House – a place of healing and serving from the heart. I started my journey of working in human services back in […]

  • A Heartfelt Thank You from Resource Therapy International: Celebrating Our Community’s Achievements

    A Heartfelt Thank You from Resource Therapy International: Celebrating Our Community’s Achievements

    A Christmas message of gratitude from the President of Resource Therapy International – Philipa Thornton

  • Ben Crebert

    Ben Crebert

    Ben is an Australian Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of skills,  experience and knowledge acquired over 20 years of practice. His therapeutic work has been in a variety of settings, […]

  • Christiane Essing

    Christiane Essing

    Director of Resource Therapy Training Resources – RTI Founding member of Resource Therapy Zentrum – GermanyEurope’s first Senior Level RT TrainerPsychotherapist and Advanced Clinical Resource TherapistResource Therapy Trainer, and Supervisor […]

  • Hello from Philipa Thornton, Your President

    Hello from Philipa Thornton, Your President

    Welcome to an exciting new era for the official Resource Therapy International (RTI), and thanks for all your amazing efforts as a Clinical Resource Therapist, Trainer, or Advanced Resource Therapy […]

  • Alguskha Nalendra

    Alguskha Nalendra

    Executive Director of Resource Therapy for Indonesia and Malaysia Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist Resource Therapy Trainer Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach ​Alguskha Nalendra a.k.a ‘Alkha’ is a Professional Coach & […]

  • Eugen Popa

    Eugen Popa

    Psychotherapist, Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist, RT Trainer – Bucharest, ROMANIA Contact Eugen E: contact@eugenpopa.com T: +40741044701 www.LearnResourceTherapy.com About Eugen Popa Eugen has taught thousands of students in class and reached hundreds […]

  • Yvette Allen

    Yvette Allen

    Yvette is a Psychotherapist, and is registered with Resource Therapy International as a Clinical Resource Therapist and a certified trainer She is also a qualified Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Master […]

  • Marcelo ​Aragón Taravella

    Marcelo ​Aragón Taravella

    Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist & RT Trainer lic. phil. PsychologeEidg. anerkannter Psychotherapeut Advanced Clinical Resource Therapeut und RT Trainer Systemischer Coach & SupervisorHypnotherapeutEgo State Therapeut AddresseSeidenweg 33012 BernPhone: +41(0)79 389 […]