Wendy Brewer

Wendy Brewer photo

Wendy Brewer has more than 14 years experience as a Resource Therapist, meditation teacher and group facilitator.

In that time she has worked with many hundreds of clients, helping them to achieve healing, resolution and the ability to once again experience joyful aliveness and wellbeing.

Since 2008 Wendy has completed more than 300 hours of training and supervision with world renowned Resource Therapy founder, Professor Gordon Emmerson. She is qualified as an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and Resource Therapy Trainer.

Wendy has also studied Counselling (AIPC and FDS), Primary Teaching (BCAE), Psychology and Sociology (LaTrobe University), Group Facilitation (Groupwork Centre), Meditation Teaching and Meditation Teacher Training (Inner Peace Institute).

She is currently completing Imago Couples Counselling study with AIRTA Australia.

In addition to her work with individuals and couples in her private practise, Wendy works for Family Drug Support as a co-ordinator/supervisor for volunteers on their 24/7 support line.

Wendy is currently accepting new Resource Therapy clients, she is delighted to be able to assist people from wherever they are in Australia via Zoom consults.

Wendy can be contacted via her website at wendybrewertherapy.com

Or via phone on +61 408 799 061