Barbara Fischer-Bartelmann

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Clinical Psychologist, Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist RT Trainer, RT Supervisor, ​and Teaching Therapist.

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Muehlweg 5-5
D-69118 Heidelberg (Germany)
Fon +49-(0)6221-8946780
Fax +49-3222-1204721

About Barbara Fischer-Bartelmann

Barbara is an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and RTI Registered Resource Therapy Trainer. She holds degrees in psychology and philosophy and works as a psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapy in Germany and internationally.

Barbara’s prior specializations are in couples and parental training, systemic therapy and body psychotherapy. She is a very experienced clinician and has received top ratings in important German Internet platforms, Jameda and Focus-Gesundheit.

Barbara has over 30 years of experience as a trainer and author of training material, speaker and workshop leader at congresses and conferences. Her trainees appreciate the clarity and precision of her presentations, her ability to organize practice in systematic and easy to absorb steps, and her integration of clinical skills with theoretical explanation and reflection.

Barbara is accredited by the Psychotherapeutenkammer (Chamber of Psychotherapists) to award Continuing Education Credit for training therapy, supervision and training. She is available for speaking appointments, Training and Clinical consultations in German and English.

RTI is happy to announce that Barbara presented RT to audiences of over 60 conference workshop participants at the renowned Teile Therapie Tagung (Personality Parts Conference) held in Heidelberg, Germany, Nov 2018 with Professor Emmerson presenting a guest demonstration of the work and at the big “Reden Reicht Nicht!?” (Just talking is not enough!?) Conference in Bremen, Germany, June 2019. The workshop and live demonstration were recorded and will be made publicly available to the professional audience on

Barbara Fischer-Bartelmann was awarded her Advanced Clinical Resource Therapy & Resource Therapy Trainer Qualification by Professor Emmerson in Zurich, Switzerland.

Click for access to Barbara’s Congress workshop video (German)

Barbara Fischer-Bartelmann presenting
Barbara Fischer-Bartelmann presenting
Class of 2018 - Zurich, Switzerland
Class of 2018 – Zurich, Switzerland
Barbara Fischer-Bartelmann presenting