The next Advanced Clinical and Resource Therapy Trainer Qualification training dates are available on the training calendar.

The Advanced Clinical and RT Trainer Qualification training

The Advanced Clinical and RT Trainer Qualification training is available to all Clinically Qualified Resource Therapists who have completed the full 10-Day Clinical Qualification training. 

This level of training and certification in RT is delivered by Senior Level RT Trainers only. This unique workshop deepens your training in specialized client/patient presentations such as Anorexia Nervosa, DID, Complex PTSD, Addiction, and more. The qualification includes training in presenting and Certifying students of RT at the Foundation and Clinical Qualification levels. Graduates are listed on the RT International website and continue to enjoy the resources and support of RT International as accredited registered RT trainers. 

The following RT therapists are Senior Level RT Trainers qualified to teach and award the Advanced Clinical & RT Trainer Qualification training:

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