Trina Prichard

Trina Prichard

Based on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, I am registered with Resource Therapy International as a Clinical Resource Therapist and a certified Resource Therapy trainer. I also hold accreditation for the government accredited Diploma of Modern Psychology, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Rapid Resolution Therapy as well as an array of other energy psychology modalities. In my quest to constantly further develop my skills, I continue to study and be mentored by some of the most respected people in the mental health field.

As the field of neuroscience flourishes and simultaneously the knowledge of the functioning of the human brain and mind grows on a seemingly daily basis, it’s an extremely exciting time to be part of such a rewarding profession that’s intention is to alleviate human suffering.

As more is learnt of the development and functioning of the brain, it is being confirmed and understood how and why neuroscience founded therapies like Resource Therapy are able to offer and deliver the life changing shifts people seek. By utilising and playing by the brain’s own rules for change, Resource Therapy along with other evidence based therapeutic techniques I’ve had extensive training in are able to lend themselves to addressing a large variety of people’s stucknesses to create profound and lasting change. The ongoing effects of unresolved trauma, addictions, chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, lack of motivation, unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours and habits are just some of the maladies that can be resolved at a core level.

‘What are you ready to change today?’ is often the opening question in a Resource Therapy session, and I am very passionate in assisting people to realise and enjoy all the benefits that come with having made the change they seek.

I often joke that I’ve never met a course I didn’t like, however I knew I had stumbled upon something really special when I began my training in Resource Therapy. A psychodynamic therapy based on the work of Professor Gordon Emmerson, delivered beautifully and skilfully by the President of Resource Therapy International, Philipa Thornton and loved by many therapists and their clients the world over, I am thrilled to be able to offer Resource Therapy as well as other evidence based modalities in my practice both in person and via zoom.

In a world in which nobody gets out unscathed to some degree, I am extremely passionate about alleviating the imprint of disturbing life events to better the life experiences of those who seek it.

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