Kaz Field Anderson

Kaz Field Anderson headshot

Clinical Hypnotic Sciences Trainer, Resource Therapy Trainer, Dip. C.H, Adv Dip. C.H, Cert. Jungian Dream Analysis, Cert. Dynamic Pain Control, Dip. Life Coach, Dip. Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Dip. Breath Therapy, Specialising in Cancer, Trauma & Anxiety.

Kaz is a 2nd generation Therapist working in the industry for 33 years and was born with a passion to help people find their smiles again after experiencing Trauma, PTSD & Chronic Anxiety.

Resource Therapy has become my new passion for assisting with Trauma, and I find it absolutely invaluable for providing Resources for the Traumatized part(s) and restoring balance. I don’t know how we ever got along without it!

Training is available online only.
Ph: 0466 043 611
Email: kaz@hypnotherapytraining.net.au
Web: www.hypnotherapytraining.net.au