How to See All Our Training Events Calendar

training calendar

A straightforward way is to click here and this will take you to the workshop timetable directly. There’s something for everyone. We have online and in-person events in many countries available at all levels of Resource Therapy training.

On the front page below the “Upcoming Resource Therapy Training,” you will see in blue View Calendar. Click this link to open a new page. Once you are on the Events page, if you look to the right side top of the screen, please select the List view to quickly scroll through the programs of our wonderful Resource Therapy Trainers.

Online Resource Therapy Training dates are able to be viewed by doing this. If you open that first date you will see all your world-class accredited trainers’ upcoming events days related to the Foundation/ Clinical or Advanced Clinical: Train the Trainer. It’s a website thing. In-person Training Dates are published in full as you can see in the workshop calendar.

You can also see specific categories:

Foundation Training

2 Days

Resource Therapy learning introduction

Clinical Qualification

10 Days

For those wanting a clinical qualification

Advanced Clinical Certification & RT Trainer Qualification

5 Days

Advanced Clinical and Trainer training

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