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Andrew is a qualified registered Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist and Trainer (AdvCRTt), directly trained by the Founder of Resource Therapy International (RTI), Professor Gordon Emmerson PhD. Andrew also has a passion for Positive Life Change, either through Therapy or Coaching to excel one’s true ’authentic’ life happiness and/or performance.

Andrew’s passion for lasting life change led him to the work & techniques of Professor Gordon Emmerson’s PhD Resource Therapy and has now become the core ingredient to Andrew’s work with his patients & clients.

Andrew is also a passionate,

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) & Member of the International Coaching Federation (ID #009630843I)

Accredited NLP Practitioner (NLP)

Husband, father of two beautiful daughters and passionate guitar player!

“My purpose is creating the most effective, sustainable, life transitional experience for my clients to help them in making the change they need to bring true
authentic joy & happiness back into their lives!” Andrew

Andrew Specialises in,
THERAPY – Helping people that are ready for change with,

  • Unwanted emotions & feelings, low self-worth, Depression, confusion and or rumination.
  • Unwanted behaviour like addictions, drug taking, OCD, withdrawal, anger, eating disorders, work/relationship avoidance, shopping addiction, ‘perfectionistic’ behaviour, self-harming behaviour.
  • Having feelings of an inner conflict to the point of anxiety.
  • Below par performance ‘Disappointed’ with their ability within a relationship, sport or professional performance.
  • Fears associated with phobias, panic attacks, PTSD and anxiety that expresses beyond the current situation.




Andrew’s services are conducted face to face or online, servicing the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.

Contact details for Andrew
Andrew D. ACC, CRT
☎ 0428909091
8 Simpson Way, Forest Lake, Brisbane, Qld 4078