Happy 2023 from Gordon Emmerson

20 23 in lane numbers

Happy New year to all Resource Therapists around the world!

Sending you my best wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful and productive 2023.

It’s with great pleasure and high expectations that I look forward to a year in which Resource Therapy will continue to flourish and expand throughout the world, to the benefit of clinicians and clients alike.  I feel assured, that this will be the case, knowing what a skilled and knowledgeable cohort of therapists and trainers you are. 

You may have become aware that Resource Therapy International (RTI), as an organisation, has undergone some changes in the latter part of 2022. These changes have been for the better with the formation of a structure to coordinate Resource Therapy activities across the globe and to integrate and share information of interest to all Resource Therapy practitioners, current or potential.

A vital part of this effort has been to ensure that we have a group of active and clinically highly qualified Resource Therapy practitioners entrusted with the tasks necessary to achieve these goals.

The office of President of RTI is a vitally important role in carrying out the achievement of our goals. As you are no doubt aware, I have decided to step down from the Presidency but will remain available in a consultative role.

After much deliberation, I asked Philipa Thornton to take over the role of President of RTI. I am pleased to report, she has graciously accepted. Philipa is a skilled RT therapist, trainer and one of a handful of people in the world whom I have designated as a Resource Therapy Supervisor. As well as her excellent clinical credentials, Philipa was previously Executive Director of Australia for Resource Therapy International and is well versed in the management of organisational issues.

With her enthusiasm for Resource Therapy and its propagation and with the assistance of the International Committee and the support of all Resource Therapists around the world, I feel optimistic that Resource Therapy is in good hands and can expect a bright future.

I want to personally say thank you to all of you who have learned and practiced, and helped to forward Resource Therapy. My best wishes to you all, in all your endeavours, in this new year.

Thanks truly, 


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay