Senior Clinical Resource Therapist Trainer

About Kaz Field Anderson

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Director of Training at Hypnotherapy Training Australia, Trauma, Resource Therapy & Hypnotherapy Trainer, Creator of the DeTrauma Technique™

Resource Therapy Trainer, Dip. C.H, Adv Dip. C.H, Cert. Jungian Dream Analysis, Cert. Dynamic Pain Control, Dip. Life Coach, Dip. Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Dip. Breath Therapy, Specialising in Cancer, Trauma & Anxiety.

After a terminal diagnosis of stage 4 Cancer in 1990, and being told to “get her affairs in order”, Kaz made the decision to put her knowledge to the test and had her surgery under self-hypnosis, without any chemo or radiation, to give her body every chance possible to heal naturally. Kaz believes daily hypnosis sessions & deep diving into emotional work saved her life. She then went on to become a Cancer Specialist in her private practice.

The recent loss of her beloved mother Marilyn Newman, has seen her take up the challenge of Director of Training, which is most heartfelt, as HTA was her mother’s life’s work. Kaz is determined to make HTA one of the most respected schools in Australia and deliver our program with love, compassion & the nurturing that her mother so embodied.

Mobile: +61466043611